1. How long does it take unload a full 12,000 litre load?

Once hose are hooked up from tank to truck it takes approximately 10 mins.

2. How do i make a booking?

Email us or call us 0429 779 700

3. How long are our hoses?

Up to 50 Meters, Longer available on request.

4. Is the water safe to swim in?

Yes, you can swim in this Water the same day we supply it for your Swimming pool.

5. How much water can you supply in a day?

On average it takes about an hour per load. So roughly around, 10 loads in one day.

6. Where does the water come from?

We only carry Reticulated Town water from select Unity Water approved hydrants, we take your Health Seriously.

7. What are our payment methods?

We accept Cash, Cheque and EFT – Payment required at the time of the Water Delivery.